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May 2014, Silicon Valley

Forming global companies using the Valley's proven recipe

We help founders achieve

Alexander Tsyplikhin
Co-Founder of Flexis
Thanks Deep Dive we got a clear understanding about the Silicon Valley and key U.S. market opportunities. We built relations with investors, partners, customers, contractors and potential hires.

Launch new products for the global market

350 new contacts of the VCs and sales & marketing professionals 20 partners in the digital marketing and telecom industries 2 strategic partners – Cisco and Adobe
Efficiency increase lead to 80% profit growth Invested in 5 new products and created
2 spin-outs
Received the term sheet with $10m valuation
Set up the Silicon Valley office with project manager and sales & marketing reps
Natalya Khudyakova
CEO of Movavi
At the Deep Dive we acquired the key expertise to implement world-class digital marketing in Movavi and increased our annual revenues 150%. I would definitely recommend Deep Dive to the early stage companies who want to expand into the global market.

Reach the highest growth rate on the market

5-7 meetings every day, total 70 business contacts collected 5 OEM contacts with social networking and hardware companies 1 OEM contract signed with 3D glasses company
Online marketing improvements resulted in 150% revenue growth New B2B products were created: 4 video apps and 2 video encoding solutions
Movavi software products were translated into
9 languages
Better sales agents work resulted in 30 U.S. contracts with distributors & vendors
Alexey Babin
founder of Clickberry
The Deep Dive gave us the most valuable thing that international entrepreneur can get in the Silicon Valley - connections and introductions. We attracted key employees, advisors and strategic partners and started up our Silicon Valley office right at the Deep Dive!

Setup the Silicon Valley office right at the Deep Dive

85 business contacts established at the Deep Dive. The first C-Level employee hired Bob Bauer (Xerox Labs) and Nolan Bushnell (Atari) joined ClickBerry Advisory Board Partnered up with 2 major video platforms with total audience of
8m uniques/month
New product Interactivity Creator released for PC, Mac and Mobile $1,5m bridge round raised from international and Silicon Valley angels
The Silicon Valley office established with 5 local employees onboard in Los Altos

How it works

Week #1:

Work out your vision

  • attend seminars and workshops
  • collect facts and contacts
  • learn best practices
  • solve practical business issues
  • prepare your action plan

Week #2:

Get out of the building

  • meet customers and partners
  • run interviews
  • attend local events
  • present your vision 
  • receive feedback


Get ready for global

  • understand how Silicon Valley operates
  • get insights from Silicon Valley experts
  • connect with the Silicon Valley ecosystem
  • build up your Silicon Valley contacts
  • get inspiration and taste of Silicon Valley

How to apply

Step 1

  • Click the button "Apply now"
  • Fill in the registration form
  • Wait for a call

Step 2

  • Fill in our questionnaire
  • Get a feedback from our experts: should you go now or later

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May 2014, Silicon Valley

Forming global companies using the Valley's proven recipe