Rizzoma: A Collaborative Communication Platform

Saint-Petersburg Googlers: “These Siberian bookmakers are betting on a dead horse!” 

On a rainy evening last year in Saint Petersburg, we met a team from Siberia - Daniil and Vladimir - which was trying to save Google Wave. Actually, they were a bunch of sports bookmakers who also owned a couple of pubs in Tomsk, Siberia. In order to keep track of and control their chaotic environment, they chose to communicate on Google Wave.

However, over time, they noticed that is was impossible to track task assignments, for example. Therefore, the team began expanding the platform by developing widgets for in-context and task messaging. Vladimir, Daniil and their business friends started falling in love with their customized Google Wave. "What an opportunity" the Siberians thought. Their widgets for Google Wave seemed to be a unique discussion and collaboration tool.

The problem was that Google had decided to shut down the Wave project somewhere in 2010. And Vladimir and Daniil completely missed this announcement )))))

So, together with this Siberian team, we had to meet with and talk to Saint-Petersburg Googlers who said, [about Google Wave], "you guys are betting on a dead horse"; they thought that GW basically couldn't be resuscitated.

After weeks of depression, wondering if they should go on, it became clear to the team, that they had to go to Silicon Valley to start their GW-like company, Rizzoma.

On the second day of their stay, when they were giving their first pitch at DeepDive, Angelika Blendstrup asked: "And what do you do, in one sentence please?” Answer: "We are filling in the gaps in a galactic experience"

About Rizzoma
Rizzoma addresses three areas: emails, chat and collaboration documents. It's a discussion and collaboration tool that keeps track of different subjects, i.e. shared history, so that everything can be updated and accessed by everyone involved. In addition, emails can be sent from within Rizzoma and Skype notes can be organized inside Rizzoma during a call as well.

Rizzoma’s Current Challenges
As we were working through the Rizzoma case at DeepDive, we realized that about 100,000 ex-Google Wave users could be  potential Rizzoma users. But the question was: How would we reach them? It occurred to us that tech bloggers could help Rizzoma get former GW users.

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